Bamboo Integration walkthrough

BambooHR integration for salaries is now live!

Before you start, please make sure that the Employee # (Employee ID/number) in Bamboo matches the Employee # you’ve entered in Compete!
This is mandatory for the integration to work since we match employee data based on that number.


1. Log into Compete
2. Go to Settings -> Integrations (new tab)

3. Click the Bamboo logo and then hit the Connect button

4. Enter your Bamboo domain (just the part in the Bamboo URL that includes your company name, before – for us at Compete for example it would be competehrltd since this is our full Bamboo URL:

5. Check the checkbox after verifying that your BambooHR and Compete Employee numbers (Employee #) match, then click Next.
6. Log into your Bamboo account using your credentials.

7. Voila, all done 🙂

Congrats! Your salary data in Compete is now synced with BambooHR and will update on a regular basis.
Any changes you make in BambooHR will automatically apply to Compete.

We're here for any questions.
If you run into trouble or need more info, please contact your CS.