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Announcing our seed round

I’m beyond excited to announce our seed funding round of $2.5 million, led by the venture capital fund Aleph, which will advance our expansion in Israel and beyond.

I can also announce that from today, we’re changing our company name to Compete as it reflects our mission to give you an unfair advantage by providing real-time insights into compensation package data. 

In the everchanging high-tech environment, retaining and hiring top talent is the key ingredient to scaling a company. Visibility into common compensation and benefits practices is a must for developing workforce management strategies, and we are committed to building the simplest solutions with clear, immediate insights and effortless experiences. 

Aleph, together with investors,, Jeff Babka and Barak Kaufman, share this vision and we value their support as we continue our rapid growth. Since launching our product less than a year ago, 200 of the leading high-tech companies now use the Compete platform, including Fiverr, Lemonade, Riskified, Gong, and many more. 

Although our name may have changed, everything else stays the same. Above all else, we remain dedicated to creating solutions for HRs, built by HRs. 

I thank you for your continued support and encouragement as you join us on the journey to change the way compensation and benefits are done.

Talent is everything. When growing your team is key to growing your company, get a headstart on your headcount. Compete! 

Amit Rapaport, CEO & Co-founder

The Compete team

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