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Founder Storiez: An interview with Compete’s CEO

Compete’s CEO & co-founder, Amit Rapaport, was recently interviewed on the Founder Storiez podcast with Ephraim Yarmak.

Ephraim is the brains behind the #1000hires project, which aims to get at least 1000 people impacted by COVID layoffs back on their feet, using bite-sized interviews for recruiters and prospective employers to get a glimpse of their stories.

The Founder Storiez podcast, now in its third season, interviews entrepreneurs from around the world to share their stories, experience, and wisdom.

The interview was frank, personal and at times even moving with Amit opening up about her journey in founding the company during the height of Corona and the hurdles the company has overcome thus far.

Check out the Founder Storiez website for more information.

Listen to the interview here:

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