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New: Introducing Compete US

We are delighted to announce that Compete is now available in the US. 

Tech companies with employees in the US can now enjoy real-time benchmarking data, coupled with advanced analytics and tailor-made insights.

In the ever-changing high-tech environment, retaining and hiring top talent is the key ingredient to scaling your company. Visibility into common compensation and benefits practices is a must for developing workforce management strategies. 

Powered by hundreds of the leading tech companies including Appsflyer, Fiverr, Lemonade and Riskified, Compete provides immediate insights into complete compensation package data, including parental leave, work from home policies and health benefits. 

Compete was born out of the personal frustration of not having real-time market data, a cornerstone of any company’s workforce intelligence and management. We are proud to have built the most advanced solution focused on the tech industry to address this issue. 

To have been joined by some of the most innovative and fastest-growing tech companies confirms the importance of having a solution that empowers HR leaders, CFOs and VCs with real-time benchmarking data to support hiring decisions, identify risks, improve retention and develop informed compensation policies.

To learn more about how you can benefit from Compete, schedule a time to speak with a member of the team here.

Talent is everything. Compete with an unfair advantage.

  • See how your employees are compensated, identify risks from outdated compensation packages, and understand the gaps.
  • Enjoy effortless, real-time benchmarking data, coupled with advanced analytics and tailor-made insights.
  • Talent Acquisition, Data Scientist, CRO and more: Compete provides the total compensation data for all roles personalized to your company, all at the click of a button.
  • All the benefits you’ve ever heard of: HR leaders are empowered with analysis on over 50 types of benefits including signing bonus, parental leave, work from home policy and health care provision.

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