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From Guess It All
To Knowitall

All the compensation & benefits data
every HR needs to stop guessing and
start benchmarking.

Get the complete compensation & benefits picture
to compete

No Hunch, All Crunch

Eliminate guesswork and make
informed decisions based on
the actual numbers.

Real Data in Real-time

Verified data on-demand, sourced
and updated frequently from top
tech companies.

See Way Beyond Salary

Full transparency on every benefit
and role provides you with a
complete market snapshot.

Full Vision, Clear View

Get fast insights with visualizations
that make all the data pop out,
no analysts necessary.

Drive Equality, Focus on Quality

Access gender reports to phase out wage gaps and promote performance.

Trusted by hundreds of innovative companies such as:

And many more...

Make recruitment
& retention your forte


Filter by role, department, seniority, industry, location, and many more to get the most accurate info.

Rapid Onboarding

Compete integrates with your current HR software to get you benchmarking in no time.

Serious About Security

Security is at the core of our service. All data is isolated, encrypted, and anonymized to protect your privacy.


Our platform currently offers over 50 different benefits to compare beyond compensation. Vacation days, work from home policy, pension, bonuses, commissions, meals, parking, equity, and the list goes on.

We believe in a collective approach for the greater good. Our customers provide us regularly with their most up-to-date data in order to gain access to the system. That’s what makes Compete truly reliable, real-time, and accurate.

All benchmark data is fully anonymized and cannot be traced to the customer or end user. Additionally, we regularly perform external tests and have an ISO 27001 certification. You can dive deeper into our security measures here.

We pride ourselves in being a tech-first company. Our customers make up an A-list of industry leaders. We’ll save you the name-dropping, you can view them here.