Our Data is Worthy

Compete harnesses the power of the collective by utilizing a “give a little get a lot” model.
Every customer shares their data in order to gain access to the system.
Our data compiles hundreds of leading (exclusively) tech customers, from top-tier startups to unicorns and publicly traded companies. This daily growing customer database consists of all sectors of the software industry.

A handful of our customers are featured on the first page of our company website – which you can find here. Make sure to scroll all the way down (past the list of VCs).

  1. Our data collection and validation process is comprised of 3 steps after customers upload their data

    1. Data mapping by an algorithm. Taking into consideration many parameters such as the organizational chart, salary bands, seniority levels, etc.
  2. 2. Mapping validation by our data team
  3. 3.Validation with the customer

We understand the extreme importance of granularity, therefore, provide detailed data on roles beyond “Software Engineer,” such as Frontend, Full-stack, Backend, as well as Low-level engineers, Big Data Engineers, and so on.

Due to the large volume of new customers signing up daily, together with the extensive amounts of newly uploaded data, we are able to identify trends in real-time, such as new or obsolete roles and newly added benefits that provide insights reflecting the present-day market.

Our level mapping method is based on extensive research we conducted with HR experts to develop a standardized model that aligns roles according to responsibilities rather than years of experience, thus reflecting actual employee contribution to the company.


We’ve created a clear and simple level mapping process that will synchronize your leveling accordingly in order to accurately compare with the entire market.

Due to the fact that most of our customers are growth companies, the common practice we see and suggest is to update data quarterly or upon hiring new employees.

Compete contractually requires every customer to update their data at least once every 6 months or after completing a compensation cycle.

API integration with leading HRIS software is in the final stages of development. This means that updated data will sync automatically with Compete to ensure you are always accessing the most up-to-date verified data.

Bamboo integration is already available and HiBob will be launched soon. Further integrations for additional HRIS services will follow, according to customer preference and usage.

The data featured on our platform is completely anonymized by generalization and aggregation algorithms and can’t be linked to any of our customers or their employees. Furthermore, results are only in the form of percentiles and do not disclose any other details regarding the data points.

Thanks to Compete, these companies stopped guessing