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Benchmark any role in tech | 360° Compensation

Talent Acquisition, Data Scientist, CRO and more.
Compete provides the total compensation data for all roles personalized to your company, all at the click of a button

All the benefits you've ever heard of

With Compete, HR leaders are empowered with analysis on over 50 types of benefits including signing bonus, parental leave, work from home policy and health care provision

Use your hunch, trust your data

Gain a clear view of your company's employee compensation and benefits benchmarks compared to the market

Where does Compete source its data from?

Every Compete customer provides us with data for their organization. The “give a little, get a lot” approach ensures that our database is truly reliable, real-time, and accurate. By not accepting third-party data, and by only accepting tech companies as our users, we can guarantee that both our data and the insights that stem from them are of the highest quality and up to date.

Is my data secure?

Security is at the core of Compete’s service. We take a number of steps regarding InfoSec and Privacy including isolating and encrypting the data we receive from our users. To protect your privacy, the benchmark data is fully anonymized and can't be traced to the customer. In addition to this, we regularly perform external tests and have an ISO 27001 certification.

Do you provide data and insights for non-tech roles?

Absolutely. From entry-level to C-level, we cover all the roles that you might be benchmarking, and for all departments and teams including, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and more.

We also pride ourselves on delivering insights on a huge range of roles within each department. Looking for information about a VP of Business Development, a Product Marketing Manager, or a CFO? No problem, we have you covered.

How long is the onboarding process?

You can enjoy insights into complete compensation data and gain visibility of your company’s position in the marketplace in less than a day. It takes just one remote meeting to onboard your information to the Compete platform, and we hold your hand during the whole (but short!) process.

If your needs require us to expedite the process then we are of course happy to assist.

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