Talent is everything. Compete with an unfair advantage.

Compete provides real-time market data for HR leaders,
CFOs and Venture Capital Funds in tech

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Talent is everything. Compete with an unfair advantage.
Talent is everything. Compete with an unfair advantage.

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See how your employees are compensated, identify risks from outdated compensation packages, and understand the gaps

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November 1

2 min

Are you offering enough paid vacation to attract top talent?


What is the benchmark for paid vacation time in the tech world? How can HR leaders know if their paid vacation package is enough to attract top talent? 

October 13

4 min

Is the workforce headed back to the office?


Where is the future of work headed? No one can predict the future, but data from Compete gives us some clues about the latest work from home policies. 

September 9

4 min

The Great Resignation


The Great Resignation. Three words that if you haven’t yet heard about, you will no doubt very soon. What has caused the great resignation? How can companies build resilience in the age of “TGR”?

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